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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hello blog friends -- I hope you are having a happy/spooky Halloween!

My girlies are out for the first time without us...kind of. Sam and her group of gal friends are going it alone. Gracie and her friend were itchin' to fly out the door at 4:00 sharp and of course, I had told them I would be accompanying them.... yeah, that worked out well. I kept getting the "shoo shoo" sign even though I was 3-4 houses ahead of them.  I ended up looking like a creeper cruising the neighborhood. Luckily for me, I know all the neighbors! I just kept announcing "I am not walking with any children whatsoever -- none at all. Pay no attention to the two girlies following me." Because of course, giving me the shoo sign means that yes, I will be embarrassing you if at all possible. Heh. I love being a mom.

As for candy, we are handing out Air Heads, Milky Ways and 100 Grand Bars. I luh-huh-hove anything chocolate, so I figured the odds were in my favor there would be some leftover. Except for the fact that my hubs keeps letting everyone have 2-3 pieces each! Does he not understand that I was planning on having extra candy? The kids were supposed to go crazy for the Air Heads and leave all the chocolate for ME!! My plan is being thwarted as I type. I really need to work on getting my hubs in line with my mindset. Perhaps this idea is being driven by my hormones.... I can't be sure. All I want is for there to be extra so I don't have to raid my kids candy while they are at school! Is that too much to ask? Hmm..okay, that would definitely be the hormones speaking...I'll try to keep it in check.

So where was I going with this?  Oh, I know -- so, due to the shrinking chocolate situation, I decided I should try an Air Head. All I can say is -- eh. They are okay, very intense fruitiness similar to the Jolly Ranchers candy. However (and I am sure I am in alignment with most other adults out there), they have this waxy taffy-like texture that I just can't get past. Waxy fruit? If I wanted to eat that, I would have complied when I was little and my cousins tried to convince me my grandma's fake fruit was real fruit. Gaah. Next year, remind me NOT to buy treats based on pre-teen recommendations.

Okay, now my stomach feels uck. I blame the Air Heads, or maybe the Milky Ways, or perhaps the 100 Grand Bars. Or maybe the fact that I have eaten about 15 pieces of candy in the last couple of hours. Oddly enough, I think what I need now is fruit -- real fruit. Hmm. Ironic.

Enjoy the night!

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