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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cedar planter...

So, I took my mom a-thrifting a few weeks ago. We found this ho-hum cedar planter box at the local Salvation Army. I think it was around $3.00....had to have it. I could see the potential. And I did not take an official 'before' pix yet again -- I did include a pix of the bottom in case you wanted to know the rustic glory that it had before I whipped out my paints and sandpaper.

For your viewing pleasure -- the pix are ucky because I used my phone. I promise to use my digital SLR from now on...

I ended up painting it with Sharkey Gray -- a Martha Stewart color -- (more ivory than gray) and then glazing it first with a burnt umber and then a light gray acrylic. Topped off with two coats of poly and a few felt pads on the bottom, I think this beauteous bin deserves to stay inside as a centerpiece!

Love it.... your thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. It's fantastic. I always love to put a nice coat of paint on a thrift store find. Just lovely.


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