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Saturday, November 20, 2010

What was I thinking?!?!

Wondering? Well, this weekend and last the hubs and I decided to have our girls bday sleepovers. Last weekend consisted of 10 gals all 10-year-olds, 4 of whom slept over. It was girlie-tastic! This weekend (last night) was 10 girlies total, all 12-year-olds. Screaming, giggling, mayhem and worn out parents have resulted (not to mention our 16-year old son being not too happy with us- heh).

So again I ask, What Was I Thinking!!? Truth be told, it is fun to have all these mini-women hanging out at our home. I love seeing that our own girlies are well within 'normal' and that the slob-tastic-ness that I deal with on a regular basis is a teen girl phenomenon. My insanity has been justified.

If you see me later today and I look worn out, covered in Starburst candies and old pizza, you will know why. Just give me a pat on the back and direct me to the nearest Starbucks -- I'm gonna need it.

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