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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I think the post title says it all. I, unfortunately, am a migraine gal. A sinus migraine gal. And it annoys the 'bleep' out of me.

I love autumn...all the colors, the cooling weather, the wonderful smells of burning leaves, fireplaces, leaf piles. All of those things tend to trigger my headaches, which is just rotten luck. So here I sit, in day 3 of a stinkin' migraine trying to salvage the energy to just get out of my pajamas. I know, I need to take care of myself -- but hey, I am a mom and it just isn't in my nature.  Thank goodness I have kidlings and a husband who understand my distress. My lovely almost-12-year-old left for school today saying "Take care of yourself mommy...just keep sleeping in; Daddy is going to take care of everything." Awww.... I just love them all to pieces for moments like that one.

Gaah. Sinus pressure. I think I need to lay down again.
I am working on some sparkly jewelry for my Etsy site...I will do my best to get some pictures up soon.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your migraines Christine! They sound familiar though, I get sinus headaches this time of year (not as bad as migraines, but enough to know anything worse must not be fun). Feel better soon!

    ~ Laura K


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