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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some updates from this week...

Well, this week has flown by, as usual. And speaking of 'flown', we did have an exciting moment on Thursday of this week -- a full grown hawk was going after birds in our general airspace when it SMACKED right into our window! Specifically, Grace's bedroom window. We were not sure if it was okay, but then we saw it sitting on our playset. It flew off after a few minutes and we were left with this: 

Oh yes. Those are hawk feathers stuck on the window. They sat there fluttering in the breeze for about a half hour before they blew off. The poor bird, I truly hope he does not have more than a bruised ego (all those other hawks are probably mocking him for not pulling up in time...).

Another shot of one of the more colorful feathers...

Life is never dull here!
Enjoy your weekend

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