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Sunday, November 21, 2010

What a beautiful weekend -- and back to painting!

This weekend was just lovely -- we are in the Chicago area and today it was around 60 degrees! Dang -- that does not happen often this time of year! We had a lazy Sunday morning and then headed up for an early Thanksgiving with the hub's family in Wisconsin. Quite the relaxing day. I hope your weekend was just as nice. 

Also on the agenda these past couple of days -- painting. I really need to push myself to create a regular creative outlet schedule. I feel so much more in my groove when I am working on a piece of art or when I am refinishing an old treasure. I need to remember that feeling and get myself moving!

So, as for the painting endeavors -- I have almost finished a small curio cabinet that has sat in my foyer for years. It was calling out to me each and every time I passed it (which is about 100x per day). I finally decided to just get painting. I knew once things started rolling, it would all come together. So far, so good! I primed, painted two coats of a low-VOC (so nice!) Valspar ivory and I am  planning on glazing it and then adding some fun patterned paper to the back. I think it will be stunning. I will put up more pix in the morning.

As for the additional frames on my kitchen table (yes -- kitchen), I am not sure what their final color will be yet, but they were in dire need of paint. Solid wood, but totally blah in their previous lives. I think they look even better just with the primer.

The hubs and I are working to get my 'workspace' transferred to the garage. Until then, no laughing at my pictures of furniture propped up on paint cans in the middle of my hallway.    : )

Have a great evening!

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