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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Laughing at myself...

So I have this iPod app that is called Period Tracker. Yeah, too much info if you are a guy.

Anyhoo, ladies, I have this freebie app because, you know, my mind is essentially Swiss cheese after having 4 kids. It is really nice for me to just be able to check the app and know when Aunt Flo will be here and for how long. Is that too much to ask of a simple app? I thought not.

Well, I may need to stop putting my faith in technology and go back to the good old days of a red dot on the family calendar (I know you did this too). So imagine my shock when I check today and see that I have THIS MANY days left in my cycle!!! WHAAAT???


Clearly the application is not working correctly. Or I am about to experience some serious PMS.

Thought you would enjoy my horror. Heh.

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