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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring fever...

Spring Fever has hit this household. Unfortunately, we live in the Chicago area, so it is only 40ish. The tulips and crocuses are starting to grow, but I want warm days and open windows. I know, stop whining....It's time to put on my big girl pants and deal with it.

Here is a recap of my weekend dealing with Spring Fever. I know you feel my pain.

My children -- they all are a bit squirrelly and NEED to spend some time running around outside. Arguing? Check. Screaming at your sister for *GASP* playing the guitar? Check. Retaliating by playing the coronet -- which by the way this sister DOES NOT know how to play? Check. Blaming each other and trying to pick fights all day? Check, double check, and would someone please get these parents a drink ?!

No, not bothering me at all (and yes, I am lying through my teeth...they are totally making me nuts).

As for my hubs, unfortunately his Spring Fever truly is a fever -- in the form of a lovely flu virus... poor guy! As for me, I can't clean this house fast enough. Today I kicked my flu-ish hubby out of bed so I could vacuum our room. I know, not nice. But I had to get it done before the mojo left my system.

So, anyhoo, I need it to be warmer so I can shove the kids outside for the whole day. I love them, but they need fresh air in their systems. I need Spring to REALLY arrive so I can open the windows because seriously -- another round of flu virus in here? Not good. And my hubby, sweetie, I need you to feel better so I have a help dealing with all this whack-a doo around here.

Jealous? I knew it.

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