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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dog teeth brushing...

So I have these 3 lovely dogs...Gus, Angus & Bailey.
The big guy, Gus, never ever has funky dog breath...


Our two weenie dogs....ugh. It's bad. And we regularly get their teeth cleaned! The problem is that they inhale their food instead of chewing it. Does not matter what size the kibbles are, they still forget to chew.


I decided I could not take it any longer.
Last night, I whipped out our spare electric toothbrush, put on a new bristly toothbrush head and went to town with a dollop of kids' sensitive toothpaste. They were not happy. But minty fresh? Oh yeah baby.


Then I did it again this morning. Good thing they are only 9 lbs or so!

They really don't want to be by me now, seriously. They keep skittering away when I see them. That's okay. They'll be back here cuddling up as soon as it is nighttime.

So what did you do this weekend? Did you have as much adventure as I did?

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